Introducing the first branded pork product in Ghana 

Pork Office brings authentic Ghanaian flavours to pork like nothing you have tasted before. Over the last 6 years or so, Pork Office has established its own identity with many people travelling far and wide to sample its delights. 

We are passionate about pork and always endeavour to bring out the best taste out of quality pork sourced from our proud farmers 

Uncle Gabriel 

Gabriel Quarcoopome, popularly known as Uncle Gaby is the brain behind Pork Office and can be credited for bringing his own take on pork. He was inspired by the popular roadside pork called ‘Domedo’ which was normally sold in rather unhygienic conditions and therefore unappealing to many. Building on the success of Gaby’s CHO restaurant, Pork Office was born.

Auntie Joyce 

Auntie Joyce has been cooking great food all her life. She was brought up in Mama Doris’s household where great tasting food was legendary. Mama Doris was synonymous to finger-licking tastes such as jollof, khebabs, salads, stews and soups that she was privileged to have grown up with. Some would have taken this for granted but not Joyce.


What People Say

“I was in Accra recently and had the good fortune of eating at Pork Office. I was simply blown away by the taste they have created with the pork. It was absolutely delicious and tender. The jollof rice is apparently legendary and did not disappoint. It was so tasty I could have licked the plate clean if nobody was looking. I am a totally converted Pork Office fan and would certainly visit again whenever I am in Accra.”


Visitor from UK