Our Menu 

Our Menu consists of our popular pork office delights as well as other more traditional Ghanaian favourites but given a Pork Office twist to satisfy all palates, especially those who do not eat pork for religious or other reasons. You only have to ask and you will be surprised what we can create for you. Did you know that our Pork Office Jollof was voted the 2nd best Jollof in the Ghana. Yes, it is that good and in our opinion it is the best. You be the judge. 

Pork Balls and Jollof

This is an exclusive Pork Office take on Pork which is yummy with our Jollof.

Pork Office Special 

Our Pork, chicken and healthy vegetable special is a real tasty surprise. Try it!

Grilled Pork and Jollof 

This is our flagship product. You cannot find a tastier dish anywhere

Grilled Pork and Yam Chips 

Customers simply love crispy yam chips and pork which makes you wish for more.

Grilled Pork 

The magic is in the taste. This is simply the best. Ever!

Pork Balls 

This tastes amazing and easy to eat with little fuss. They go down easily indeed 

Pork Office Takeout Pack 

Our beautiful packaging makes you salivate even before your first taste.

Grilled Pork and Banku 

A satisfying treat after a hard days work. Well deserved and tasty too

Coming Attractions 

Keep Salivating 

Oven- roasted Pork With Exclusive Pork Office Seasoning

Our delicately seasoned and oven-roasted pork will be a taste to die for. Succulent, tender and so finger-licking good. Just wait for it.

Pork Office Seasoned Ribs 

Our special Pork Office seasoned ribs, so tender it falls off the bone. And for those who love to chew the bone the juices are simply amazing

Pork Office Crackling

There is nothing tastier than Pork Office cracklings to accompany your Club or Star beer. So good you can’t help asking for more

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