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Building A Pork Office Franchise

There are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree. One way is to sit on an acorn and wait; the other way is to climb it

Franchising is a brilliant way of hitting the ground running with a new business.  By choosing to franchise with Pork Office, you can tap into all of the lessons learnt and on-the-ground experience we’ve gained since launching our first restaurant in Dansoman.

It’s taken us just over five years to build a business that is hugely popular and very profitable. Word is spreading faster than we can grill another portion of pork, so we know we are doing something right.
We’re a passionate bunch who not only love our grilled pork, but also want the whole dining experience to feel fun and full of energy.  That’s why we’ve created a restaurant concept that is big on personality and appeal.  The time is right to invest in the growing pork sector and our authentic Ghanaian style fits the bill perfectly.
By franchising with Pork Office, you can reap the rewards of running a profitable Fast Food restaurant business, and benefit from our support and guidance every step of the way.  

We are looking for individuals who are willing to join us in our mission to provide quality, yet affordable food choices. We’re ready and rarin’ to go.  Are you?

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