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Our Business Model

While it seems as if every successful restaurant is doing it, franchising is not right for everyone. There are a number of key issues that should be addressed prior to making that leap.

Franchise experts emphasize that in order to successfully sell franchises, the franchised restaurant must be credible in the eyes of prospective franchisees and must be unique in some way if it is to have the “sizzle” that ultimately sells franchises.

Beyond that, the restaurant’s menu and operations need to be assessed to determine whether the restaurant can be duplicated without losing quality. Are operations readily teachable, systemized, and documented in an operations manual? 

Perhaps most important, the restaurant will need to provide an adequate return to both the franchisor and the franchisee. That means the future franchisor will need to adjust the franchisee’s potential returns after deducting a royalty.

These are the basic principles on which Pork Office has been built. Over the last five years Pork Office has been proven to be a successful and viable business concept which provides:

• Delicious, competitively-priced Ghanaian street food available to eat in, take away or delivered

• Catering for a variety of consumers groups across age, gender, status and lifestyle.

• We will be allowing full location flexibility

• Strong intrinsic economics, from food cost to labour ratios, resulting in high Return On Investment (ROI) potential: our flagship store generates a  GHC120,000 per month 

• We already operate 2 franchise joints with another 6 in development in the coming year.

• Alongside owner/operators, our franchise is available also to passive investors via our managed franchise programme.

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